eBay - Silhouettes Research

User Scenario 1: Imagine that you just started a new job and you're in need of a new dress. You're looking for something that looks good, but still work appropriate - must be below the knee, no shoulders showing, and not too low cut. You type in 'work dresses on ebay' into Google and are taken to a Google results page. eBay is one of the first search results you see.

User Scenario 2: Imagine that you have a holiday party coming up. After shopping at some stores, you eventually look online to websites like: Nordstrom, Macy's, Bloomingdale's and filter different types of dress characteristics (i.e., fitted, mini, low-neckline, short sleeve). Let's go to eBay and search for your dress.

Early user feedback.

The sketch file.

Goals of Silhouette icon based search:

User Problem: Many fashion shoppers do not know specific terminology or are able define (in words) what they are looking for.

Silhouettes is a project that explores a new, visual way of filtering across different pages on ebay. The project intends to make shopping for dresses more engaging by allowing users to visually see the options available and filter down to their specific needs more efficiently.

The research questions we wanted to answer were:

The first draft of wireframes are simple and low-fi, with minimal usage of color. This visually communicates the concepts vet on the whiteboard, bringing the idea into a actionable form. I like to meet frequently with the team, for a quick review so we can identify any issues early on.

I will iterate on the wireframes based on feedback, again insuring our team is aligned and comfortable with the design direction.

Early round of wireframes to illustrate ideas and vet explorations.

Based on stakeholder feedback, the wireframes go through several rounds of iterations, refining the concept, and increasing the fidelity to where we feel it is in a place that clearly communicates to the user.

Higher fidelity wireframes.

Preparing the prototype in InVision.

The user experience research (UER) sessions are underway as this writing (May 2018), and we will have the initial feedback in the coming week. Our user researcher says that the initial feedback is positive and users like the idea. When the research is done, we will refine the proof-of-concept, increasing fidelity, with the possibility of creating an HTML prototype for more qualitative research.