Michael T. Bradley

FreeBees - iOS / Android

"Dan & Rachel accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. Most of it is in good shape, but now they have to make room for the baby. They don’t have money or time to rent a moving van to donate the items the local Salvation Army. Another option they don’t like is to pay somebody to take it all away to the dumps. Both think that’s a total waste and won’t feel good about.

Another option is to nextcycle the items. FreeBees will allow them to take pictures of their used goods and post them on a marketplace - for free! Now all they have to do is wait for people to show up in their trucks and feel good that their potential trash is now somebody's treasure."

The marketplace is based on geolocation to the user.

The problem we wanted to solve was to create a place for people to nextcycle, or donate their usable stuff.

The key requirements were:

FreeBees is currently in its second development phase and is getting a UI upgrade. About 80% of the development is complete, and we are moving to completion in the next few months.

Once we get an updated design and finish development, we're going to get out there and do some solid user testing! The feeback we get is going to take us to the next level of user engagement.

These are the MVP designs, has since recieved a facelift. You can see more of this project on Behance.

You can check out the demo here.