Google Prosper

"Robert is a Google employee and every year, he sits down with his manager to discuss his compensation, bonuses, equity & awards. This information can get confusing sometimes, and is usually hard to understand what a ‘total compensation award’ is.

This design keeps the information simple and clear, aiding the manager during Roberts year end review. Google wants to stress that employees are compensated by more than just their salary and their bonuses and equity contribute to their overall earnings."

These letters can easily printed out by managers and employees alike.

The design challenge here was two fold. One, how to simply communicate the different types of compensation awards into an easily understood format. Two, with all of the various combinations of letter layouts, how could I possible create and iterate designs for every single one? Iterations would have been a nightmare to keep up with in Sketch!

If you look to the right margin of the image, you can see how much code there was for this application.

This letter generator saved us weeks of design hours by automating the letters, and saved the developers time as well.

You can check out the Google Prosper Award Generator here.